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Nature-based Insetting

Transitioning businesses to genuinely ethical and environmentally sustainable practice.

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University of Oxford

 Individual businesses can play a key role in sustaining a healthy, functioning natural environment and a stable climate system to human wealth and wellbeing.

Nature-Based Insetting helps organisations set and implement robust evidence-based targets for mitigating and insetting impacts on climate, biodiversity, and society through nature-based solutions. This enables companies to  enhance the value and resilience of their supply chains, whilst meeting socially just nature-positive and net-zero pledges. 

Some facts:

  • Incorporated in 2021
  • Collaborating with Reckitt for biodiversity and net-zero targets
  • Initial work is focused on 5 key raw materials: palm oil, latex, clove, patchouli, and orange oils.

Looking for:

Mentors, Collaborators,

Map of land showing forests and protected areas