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Rogue Interrobang

Using creative thinking to solve wicked problems

University of Oxford

Rogue Interrobang helps people live their best lives, and helps organizations to empower their members to enable those organizations to create a better world.

Whether you want a motivational speaker to help your team believe they can create meaningful change in the world; someone to run a workshop to impart invaluable skills; a coach to enable you to achieve a life you never thought possible or just to improve a particular skill; or someone to help you understand what your organization is missing that will help it not just survive but thrive, Rogue Interrobang can help.

Some facts:

  • Delivers creative thinking training
  • Provides workshops on unlocking the potential of a diverse workforce
  • Clients include the Cabinet Office, HMRC, Cheney School, Open University, Association of Research Managers and Administrators, Advice UK and the EU Easter Partnership Civil Leadership Programme.
  • Products include Mycelium, a card game that makes you more creative whilst having fun, and two books entitled “Our Dreams Make Different Shapes” and “Lift”.

Looking for:

Funding, Partners, Advisors, Mentors